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From Jan Klein <>
Subject dns-blocklist aren't used but should be
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2018 15:26:52 GMT

For work I am investigating an issue where none of the dns blacklists
are used.
We are using the current spamassassin version and also current version
of Net::DNS.

It is installed on a current version debian system.
We run a local nameserver using bind.
We invoke spamassassin via "spamassassin -t < testmail" where testmail
is a spam mail.

The weird thing is that a "dig" command works fine on the debian system,
so name resolving is actually working outside of spamassassin. And after
using the dig command to check the origin of the mail: dig
Then after using that command, spamassassin will then consider spamhaus
when checking the testmail. Probably because the dns entry is cached for
a while or something. It will work for some minutes. Same thing with
other blacklists. After a dig command spamassassin will start using the
respective rule.

What is going on? It seems to be DNS related. I've read that Net::DNS is
responsible for dns resolving for spamassassin. How can I check if it is
working correctly? In my /etc/resolv.conf there is only one entry: since we are running a local nameserver (again: dig or host
command work just fine for name resolving ).

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