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From "Junk" <>
Subject Re: FIlter
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2017 15:30:47 GMT
> Junk skrev den 2017-12-01 05:35:
>> I understand your concern and I agree but like I said at this point I
>> cannot get over the dns issue unless you give me a dns server ip that
>> will respond to my queries for the uribl.
> apt-get install bind9
you did not reab my answer.
I do have the dns server running but my isp does not allow udp port, so i
cannot point my amazon server to it.

> configure it to NOT forward any dns queries to any other dns server, eg
> it should just be listing on, and recolv.conf have just
> nameserver
> if amazon cant allow you to do this you should change vps hoster
Its not amazons fault. It is URIDB blocking amazons subnets.

>> My original question was about specific filter.
> i belive you would like uribl to work like junkmailfilter do
This still does not answer my original question.

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