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From Pedro David Marco <>
Subject orphan spamd childs?
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2017 10:22:56 GMT

Hello everybody...
For some time i am noticing that when spamd is restarted or reloaded because there a new rules,
not all child processes are correctly restarted or reloaded and they remain workingwith the
old file set (and hence old rules).  It looks like an orhpan childs issue... So when new
email is analyzed, the score varies depending on what spamd process takes care...
I cannot give more details because it seems a pretty random behaviour that i cannot reproduce
on purpose. Log files do not show neither errors nor warnings.
Has anyone seen this as well (i use Debian Linux)?? maybe a known bug?? or it is maybe just
my spamd daemons that hate me for any reason...

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