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From "Bill Cole" <>
Subject Re: Bank fraud phish
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2017 18:46:56 GMT
On 25 Oct 2017, at 12:00, Alex wrote:

> Is the only way to submit to spamcop to use their custom email address
> assigned to the account, or is there some command-line way to do it?

For all the details of various ways to send mail from the command line, 
see the man pages for mail, mailx, and/or sendmail.

or the TL;DR answer:

    mailx -s "report spam" submit.[your SC account 
gibberish] < rawspam.txt

But since this is the SpamAssassin-Users list, I assume you'd rather use 
this feature of the 'spamassassin' script (as described in the 
'spamassassin-run' man page):

    -r, --report
        Report this message as manually-verified spam.  This will sub-
        mit the mail message read from STDIN to various spam-blocker
        databases.  Currently, these are the Distributed Checksum
        Clearinghouse "", Pyzor
        "", Vipul's Razor
        "", and SpamCop "http://www.spam-".

        If the message contains SpamAssassin markup, the markup will be
        stripped out automatically before submission.  The support mod-
        ules for DCC, Pyzor, and Razor must be installed for spam to be
        reported to each service.  SpamCop reports will have greater
        effect if you register and set the "spamcop_to_address" option.

        The message will also be submitted to SpamAssassin's learning
        systems; currently this is the internal Bayesian statistical-
        filtering system (the BAYES rules).  (Note that if you only
        want to perform statistical learning, and do not want to report
        mail to third-parties, you should use the "sa-learn" command
        directly instead.)

Note that if you are paranoid and have X-Original-To, Delivered-To, or 
other headers in delivered mail that expose internal address plumbing, 
you may want to pre-process the input message to remove those.

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