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From David Jones <>
Subject Re: Blocking senders that are whitelisted
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2017 15:52:28 GMT
On 10/04/2017 10:23 AM, Alex wrote:
> Hi, we have a user complaining about receiving email from a solar
> panel company and want us to block it. The problem is that it
> originates from mailchimp, which is whitelisted.
> It's my belief that mailchimp is safe to whitelist (
> However, what happens when an email is received that needs to be
> blocked? Do you just report it?
> Chances are probably good that I could click the "unsubscribe" link
> and just unsubscribe the user, and will probably do that, but I'm
> looking for a more general solution.
> I'll also report the sender to mailchimp, but the email looks like
> they're following all the rules. The sender is
> Should I block the From address in postfix?
> Is it possible to blacklist the From when the sender is whitelisted?

MailChimp is a good sender that handles abuse reports properly.  Just 
unsubscribe the recipient.  If I remember correctly, they have a 
feedback option for "I never subscribed to this email" which will 
register a complaint.  Too many complaints and the sender will get 

MailChimp's policy is to only use opt-in lists.  If you report a sender 
to their abuse and it's found their customer was using bad lists of 
contacts, they will get banned.  I have reported some senders to 
MailChimp lately and they have handled the sender properly.

I bet this user signed up for this email somehow, possibly a while ago 
and has forgotten about doing so.  So many times, when you register for 
accounts on websites, the check box to opt-in to a mailing list is 
already checked and most users don't take the time to read the page and 
uncheck the box before clicking OK/Accept.  My Mom is really bad about 
this and she gets a ton of junk in her Gmail Inbox that is technically 

David Jones

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