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From Alex <>
Subject Whitelisting amazon where no DKIM_VALID_AU exists
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2017 16:27:33 GMT
Hi, it appears SANS is using amazon to relay some of their mail, but
does not sign their messages with DKIM. The mail is sent as part of
some corporate training program they're doing, using the domain of the
company contracting with them for the training.

So the mail is signed with DKIM_VALID and SPF, but not DKIM_VALID_AU,
making it difficult to whitelist. It shouldn't need to be whitelisted
in the first place, but my users are demanding it be done.

More generally, how can I whitelist mail that originates from
something like
and has no DKIM_VALID_AU, making it impossible to whitelist by From

My concern is using whitelist_from_rcvd with a generic sender like
amazonses doesn't really provide much additional security when it's
effectively a freemail relay.

Maybe create a unique rule that subtracts points?

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