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From Kris Deugau <>
Subject Re: SVN rules to sa-update?
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2017 16:12:01 GMT
Kevin A. McGrail wrote:
> On 8/17/2017 9:56 PM, George Patterson wrote:
>> As a possible workaround, can the entire meta rule be copied into
>> <>? Will this override the one in
>> <>?
> I don't remember if it will override it.

Stock rules can be "overwritten" by later rule sets - either formal 
rules channels, or from files in the local configuration directory (any 
.cf file in the same place as

For the former it's a bit unfortunate that the official stock rules 
channel starts with "u", since the rules channels are loaded in 
alphabetical order, but I expect not many people have set up their own 
full-on rules channel for distributing their local rule sets.  I did so 
a number of years back when I was distributing local rules across four 
filter platforms with different SA calling setups.


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