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From Jerry Malcolm <>
Subject Re: sa-learn won't read db created via MSTOR
Date Sat, 08 Jul 2017 19:14:42 GMT
Thanks for the info.  Unfortunately, I don't have a clue how to 
interpret a regex expression.  I couldn't find any reference to 
mbox_format_from_regex in the 3.1.x Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf that came 
up when I googled it.

The separators in my mbox file are:

 From - Sat Jul 8 01:02:28 2017

Can someone who speaks regex tell me if this syntax is my problem, and 
if so, point me to where I can find the correct regex that matches this 
that I can copy/paste?



On 7/8/2017 8:45 AM, RW wrote:
> On Sat, 8 Jul 2017 01:57:47 -0500
> Jerry Malcolm wrote:
>> Below is a complete log dump from the -D option on sa-learn.
> ...
>> _set_default_message_selection_opts After: Scanprob[1], want_date[0],
>> cache[0], from_regex[^From \S+ ?(\S\S\S \S\S\S .\d .\d:\d\d:\d\d
>> \d{4}|.\d-\d\d-\d{4}_\d\d:\d\d:\d\d_)]
> Check that this default regex matches your mbox separator, you may need
> to set mbox_format_from_regex. See the Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf
> documentation

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