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From Ted Mittelstaedt <>
Subject Re: OT - Possibly some good news
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2017 16:54:51 GMT
Hi Marc,

There are drugs that will stimulate the production of white blood cells 
at a tremendous rate, I was on one of these back in '94 when I was
dealing with my cancer.

It's well known in oncology that everyone always has a few cancer cells
bouncing around in their bodies all the time, but that the immune system
takes care of them.  It's just that cancers grow so fast once they get
established that they overwhelm the immune system.  That's why once you
get diagnosed with cancer your body needs help.

My personal opinion is that there's another factor you aren't mentioning
here and that's whether or not you're a "fighter personality"  AKA 
jackass.  In short, do you like to fight?  (you do, I can tell that just 
by reading your post)

I've met a number of people with cancer, serious cancers, since my own.
Some have later died.  But, all of the people who have survived their
cancers that I've known - they have been fighters.   I've never known
a cancer survivor with a passive, resigned to their fate attitude who
has survived a serious cancer.

I don't think oncologists like to talk about this much because it seems
kind of unfair to say that if your a nice person (you don't have a 
fighter personality) your definitely gonna die, and if you are an
asshole (you do), your probably gonna live (no guarantees, though).

Fighters have different ways they fight, also, and medical science
really doesn't like arbitrary cures, you know.  They want something
that works all the time for everyone, the same way.  That's why
they love the drugs so much and really dislike the holistic crap.

But I'm pretty sure most of the good medical researchers, if you
nailed them to a wall, they would admit this kind of thing exists,
and I daresay that there's a hell of a lot of drug researchers out
there trying to figure out what drug they can create that will
"switch on" the fighter personality...


On 7/4/2017 8:45 AM, Marc Perkel wrote:
> I know this is off topic, but it is looking like I might not die from
> cancer after all. At some point I'll write something up about how the
> immune system is like a spam filter. But today - I think I might have
> cured my incurable cancer.
> As you all know from my previous announcements that I have been working
> on designing a custom immunotherapy treatment that has never been tried
> before, and the hard part as usual, getting the doctors to do it. Well -
> I finally got the treatment and - it appears as if it worked. And I
> stress the word "appears" because it's looks like it's going to take
> about 2 months before imaging is going to show what's happening. But my
> cancer symptoms are gone.
> I am in a state of stunned disbelief. Too early to believe it - too late
> not to believe it.
> On Monday June 19 I got an infusion of ipilimumab which is an
> immunotherapy drug. 2 days later I got a series of 3 radiation
> treatments (21st thru 23rd). Dosage, 3 fractions of 9gy xrays from
> Varian Trilogy set at 9MV. These treatment we unusual in that instead of
> irradiating the whole tumor, I asked that they just burn a disk in the
> center of the main tumor leaving the rest of the tumor undamaged. This
> request was very counter intuitive in radiology because they are trained
> to kill every cancer cell they can possibly hit and it took a lot of
> work to get them to deliberately leave tumor undamaged.
> But that was important because I was turning the tumor into a school,
> not a battlefield, where I was teaching my immune system what the cancer
> looked like (antigens) and classify it as an enemy. By using partial
> radiation I created an environment where white blood cells in my immune
> system could interact with dead cancer and learn it.
> 4 days after treatment I started getting a reaction. I was queasy, low
> energy, aches and pains, chills. Wgen I got home I had a fever of 101,
> and it occurred to me, is this the fever I was hoping for?
> Fever indicates that I'm having an immune response. My immune system is
> fighting something. Was it attacking the cancer?
> So I took a hot bath and used a heating pad to increase the fever and
> got it up to 103. I wanted to create heat shock proteins and signal the
> battle was on. Wednesday still had fever and was rather out of it.
> Thursday morning fever broke and all my cancer symptoms were gone.
> I have aednocarsonoma and the aedno part of the name means "mucus
> secreting". On Thursday the mucus went to almost none. I had been
> coughing up a lot even before I was diagnosed last August. I went out
> and sawed limbs off a tree, hard work, and didn't cough up anything. At
> night when I lay down and in the morning when I get up, almost nothing.
> Energy is good. On Saturday I did a 4 mile hike. 2 miles up hill and 2
> down. It was like walking up the stairs of a 60 story building, but
> without the stairs. Yes I was out of breath and I coughed, but didn't
> cough anything up.
> If I have a mucus secreting cancer and have no mucus, is the cancer
> dead? Why do I no longer have symptoms?
> However ...
> I have no hard information and I don't actually know what happened but
> something extraordinary occurred and it is so easy to want to declare
> victory, but the easiest person to fool is myself and I would like to
> see a doctor with a before and after image showing the cancer gone. I
> don't have that and I'm not going to get it soon. So - stunned disbelief
> is as good as it gets, for now.
> I have to say that although I knew this should work, I didn't expect it
> to actually work. I thought the most likely outcome was failure. And I
> definitely didn't expect that I might have gone from having cancer to
> possibly cancer free in just 10 days. I had planned to repeat this
> process at least 2 more times changing the radiation and drugs around.
> But now I don't know if I have any live tumor to attack anymore and no
> point in hitting dead tumor with xrays. At this point there are no plans
> for any future treatment.
> Often when the abscopal effect occurs it is a "complete response" which
> means cured. My immune system might kill every last cancer cell. And I
> may have created a vaccine against my own cancer which will prevent
> recurrence. Note the word "may".
> The implications are stunning. If this did work it could work for any
> cancer for anyone. It's all low tech off the shelf stuff where the
> secret sauce is timing and partial radiation of the tumor. Did I find
> the cure for cancer? Might be a Nobel Prize in it for me and a movie
> about my life. I'm thinking Hugh Jackman can play my part, but this is
> the optimistic thinking I'm trying to avoid.
> Anyhow, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that I might
> not die soon. And also wondering if I missed something and I just kicked
> the can down the road. But I'm 11 months into a cancer where median
> survival is 8 months and I'm still climbing mountains 3 months past my
> sell by date. So that in itself is victory.
> I will write more when I find out more.
> Marc Perkel
> Random Genius
> --
> Marc Perkel - Sales/Support
> Junk Email Filter dot com
> 415-992-3400

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