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From Konstantin <>
Subject Spam eml hangs sa
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2017 12:19:00 GMT
Hi Guys!

I've noticed high cpu load in our mail server which was caused by a spam
message with some unusual content.
Example of few bad rows. A message had ~11k similar rows

At first I thought that our custom plugins caused a load.
I've disabled all custom *cf and tested in default spamassassin
Spamassassin hanged again. The last row in debug mode was:
"dbg: rules: compiled rawbody tests"

As a temporary solution i've created a body rule to match that pattern and
activated shortcircuit for it.

My perl is v5.22.3, spamassassin 3.4.1-r10 (Gentoo).

Is there any other solution to stop this in spamassassin?

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