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From "Sebastian Nielsen" <>
Subject Which is the accepted format of the HashCash header?
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2017 22:09:45 GMT
Which is the SpamAssasin accepted default format of the HashCash header?


Im talking about the rules:

Rules/HASHCASH_20 through Rules/HASHCASH_25 and Rules/HASHCASH_HIGH and


What I have understand, these rules are enabled in a default Spamassassin
installation, but despite me of including a X-Hashcash: header in all my
outgoing mails, the rule isn't triggered.

Have tested with multiple third-party SpamAssassin installations.


Im using the v1 format, described here:


Do the receiver server need a hashcash verifying program installed for
hashcash to be enabled? (Can't SpamAssassin verify hashcash's itself?)


Best regards, Sebastian Nielsen

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