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From "Loren Wilton" <>
Subject Absurd mail headers in new spam
Date Wed, 31 May 2017 22:14:16 GMT
I see I have received several new spam messages today from what looks (to 
me) like a new tool. Admittedly these three were all caught as spam, but 
some of them were close and went over the edge on some local rules I have. 
The new tool is putting absolutely absurd random headers in the spam 
messages. I assume these are tracking cookies of some sort, but maybe they 
are gratuitous junk.

Someone ought to be able to come up with a set of rules to catch this 


Hopeless-Forming-Philistinizes: jobs
Lossy-Cabdriver: 2368db81dcf1
Alba-Leanness-Elections: 38376DB11A
Merrimac-Grams-Participating: B354488539E
Giving-Remarkably-Incriminate: drawl

Dustin-Ransoming: 18
Person-Decathlon-Arnold: dfcfce7ba985
Majority-Gambles: 45555f856
Buttock-Milky-Dogged: 8E626A527D73
Scoff-Invoke: ea3ff6a6

Wish-Growing: 57878
Stiffest-Ghastly-Contaminates: 899
Cabling-Paddle: exploratory
Adjacency-Ranting: 89EC6563C14
Asinine-Midwife-Reread: 67b5d4b3973a75b

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