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From Marc Perkel <>
Subject Re: Outgoing email without DMARC
Date Tue, 02 May 2017 15:12:07 GMT

On 05/02/17 07:14, Rob McEwen wrote:
> On 5/1/2017 10:30 PM, Marc Perkel wrote:
>> Might be slightly off topic but I've been running into more delivery
>> problems with outgoing email because I don't use DMARC. I don't know a
>> lot about it but is there some simple way I can get around this? Kind of
>> a pain in the rear.
> Marc,
> This probably has more to do with DKIM than DMARC?
> Either way... you're not willing to jump (or haven't yet jumped) 
> though the hoops that the largest ISPs/hosters want us all to jump 
> through... meanwhile... so many of them (and for many many years) have 
> sent such high volumes AND high percentages of outbound spam to all of 
> our SMTPs - to such an extent that you and I would be out of business 
> if our SMTP outbound traffic did that for just one week.
> I sort of wish they (or many of them... "if the shoe fits...") would 
> clean up their own act FIRST - get the basics done FIRST - before 
> imposing new standards on the rest of us.
> I'm in the same boat - I'm now having to set aside dozens of hours to 
> get all various domains updated to DKIM so that they'll have more 
> success sending to a certain large/famous hoster - who has sent my 
> server a shitload of spam over the past several years (not just 
> volume-wise - but percentage-wise... I'd be run out of town if I did 
> that)

Yeah - I know what you mean. Many of these ISPs would be blacklisted if 
they weren't so big. I get an amazing amount of spam from the big guys. 
I was just wondering what I could do to get by.

Marc Perkel - Sales/Support
Junk Email Filter dot com

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