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From RW <>
Subject Re: DKIM_VALID EnvelopeFrom
Date Fri, 05 May 2017 22:15:16 GMT
On Fri, 5 May 2017 19:56:27 +0000
David Jones wrote:

> >Alignment of the two from address is needed in DMARC so that SPF can
> >match on the same domain that the MUA displays (if it even does). It
> >doesn't do anything for DKIM.   
> Did you read that link above about DMARC passing if
> SPF or DKIM passes and are aligned?  They know what they are doing
> and I have seen this to be true in my own inbound mail based on
> OpenDMARC headers.

I don't doubt that *they* know what they are doing. That article gives
reasons to have both on outgoing mail, but has no argument at all in
favour of requiring both to verify incoming mail.

> >I don't seen why anyone one would want a form of whitelisting where a
> >DKIM pass on a trusted domain would be ignored if there's no SPF
> >pass.  
> Correct.  

I don't know why you write  "correct" and then go on to write something

>This is why I only add envelope-from domains to my
> whitelist_auth list that is currently 2,595 entries.

That's not a good idea. When you don't feel you can just put a "header
from" domain into whitelist_auth,  you should use one or both of
whitelist_from_dkim and whitelist_from_spf instead.

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