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From David B Funk <>
Subject Office-365 headers swamp Bayes
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2017 21:31:48 GMT
I'm having trouble with Bayes getting swamped by all the headers of Office-365 
generated mail messages.

Our campus has outsourced its Exchange mail servers to O-365 and migrated the 
bulk of user accounts to it. Thus a large percentage of mail our departmental 
server receives is from on-campus O-365 users (pretty much all of it ham).

The problem I have is that O-365 messages have a monstrous wad of headers which 
tend to swamp out body tokens so all O-365 messages (from local ham sources and 
remote spammers using O-365) tend to get BAYES_00 score.

I've added as many O-365 specfic headers as I can to "bayes_ignore_header" 
statements, but even with that for a test O-365 message, 2/3'rds of the tokens 
are from headers. (40 from headers, 21 from body).

Bottom line, are there config settings that allow adjustment of total tokens, 
tokens from headers vs tokens from body, etc.


Dave Funk                                  University of Iowa
<dbfunk (at)>        College of Engineering
319/335-5751   FAX: 319/384-0549           1256 Seamans Center
Sys_admin/Postmaster/cell_admin            Iowa City, IA 52242-1527
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