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From John Hardin <>
Subject Re: Matching To and Received addresses
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2017 18:27:36 GMT
On Tue, 28 Mar 2017, Dominic Benson wrote:

>> On 28 Mar 2017, at 19:04, Markus <> wrote:
>> So you can't compare the "for <>" with "To:".

You can do that with a Header ALL rule; it will work more reliably as a 
local rule because you know how your local MTA is annotating the envelope 
recipient address in the headers, where a rule provided as part of the 
base set would be hit-or-miss and hugely complex and would better be done 
in a plugin.

>> How likely is it to be in legitimate mail? Highly unlikely (if ever), 
>> so you'd be pretty safe outright rejecting mail that behaves this way, 
>> to be honest.
> On the face of it I would have thought that CC and BCC both seem like quite commonplace
ways for this to come up in ham.

Indeed. Markus must not get much email.

If you do develop such a rule for metas, be very careful how you use it.

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