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From David Jones <>
Subject Re: Filtering outbound mail
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2017 14:21:49 GMT
>From: Christian Grunfeld <>
>Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2017 7:50 AM
>To: Spamassassin List
>Subject: Re: Filtering outbound mail

>Are you using postfix as MTA? I use cluebringer suite which
>has a lot of functionality (spf checks, helo checks, greylist
>and quotas)

I am using Postfix and cluebringer does looks pretty slick
so I will check into that.

>Quotas are fully configurable by tracking inbound and
>outbound trafic by ip, sasl user, etc

These outbound senders are my own internal customers
smarthosting through my mail relays so I can't do things
like rate limiting, greylisting, SPF checks, HELO checks,
etc. on them like I do for Internet inbound mail.

For example, they may have an Exchange server that
sends legit emails all day long.  Since I am their outbound
mail relay, I am their Internet edge server so SPF checks
and other network checks would be performed on my
server by the receiving Internet mail server.  I have to
detect compromised accounts and block them to
protect the reputation of my mail server IPs (keep them
off of RBLs and a high score).

My compromised account detect already works pretty
well but I am just wanting to improve it to detect a new
scenario.  The common theme is lots of email sent to
FREEMAIL recipients that I need a rule hit for my SQL query.
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