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From Wil Ussery <>
Subject Can't Download SA-Update File
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2017 18:16:40 GMT
I have a server that is hosted on a VPS in the Netherlands and have been
running SpamAssassin for the past 3 months without any issues. During
the past week I have received four cron job errors when I try to update
the SA rules. It appears my IP address has been blacklisted as I can't
ping or and as a consequence the "GET"
command to retrieve the tar file at night fails. Here's the error that
I'm getting from the cron job:

http: GET request failed:
500 Can't
+connect to (timeout): Can't connect to (timeout) LWP::Protocol::http::Socket: connect:
+timeout at /usr/share/perl5/LWP/Protocol/ line 51.

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