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From Marc Stürmer <>
Subject Re: uceprotect issue
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2016 10:33:59 GMT
Am 2016-11-03 15:34, schrieb MHielder:

> Ahhhh that old lie, that one has to pay to be removed again? Really?
> Did it prevent people using UCEPROTECT within the last 15 years?
> No, it didn't. The guys telling lies in the public just made fools out
> of themselves.
> The fact that every person interested in UCEPROTECT can go to the
> website and read the removal policies should point out that delisting
> will happen automatically for free after 7 days without spam.

Let me put it this way: you guy(s) for sure prefer to stay anonymous in 
the shadows though you are providing a service to the interested public. 
You took great effort and energy over all those years into it to achieve 
this goal.

When someone of UCE Protect is writing emails or comments on web sites 
one can only be sure of one thing: the names being used are most likely 
fake names and nothing more.

Every other major competitor I know has a policy for immediate delisting 
requests without charge and implemented it centuries ago.

You on the other hand have the business model of telling people that 
immediate delistings in your lists come with a fee, at the moment it is 
97€, the amount seems to vary over time (maximum I do recall was 150€), 
otherwise you will ignore the request and they can wait then the default 
time period for automatic deletion out of your list.

And the best thing is if somebody pays you the money they don't even 
know who they are paying for.

So you are for sure quite much different than the rest, let's say 
Spamhaus. Your service comes around with a very big attitude you got and 
this attitude is clearly visible on your own web site.

Unusual delisting rules for immediate erasure combined with the high 
delisting fee, anonymous operators of the service and quite a much big 
attitude shown everywhere then sums up to the reputation you earned in 
many places over the years, may it be good or bad.

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