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From "Motty Cruz" <>
Subject RE: Anyone else just blocking the ".top" TLD?
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2016 16:33:21 GMT
Getting tons of this:



I am Just blocking  "*.top" 



From: Vincent Fox [] 
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2016 9:27 AM
Subject: Re: Anyone else just blocking the ".top" TLD?


Resurrecting thread.... 


TOP remains at the err... top of abuse heap.


XYZ insights anyone?  They have been on my reject list

for a long time, but claim to be cleaning it up.  Thinking to

drop my shields on this one. 


 <> XYZ says NO to abuse | .xyz Domain Names |
Join Generation XYZ

It's safe to say that almost everyone likes a good party. You invite your
friends, enjoy the food & festivities, and make sure there's fun to be had
for everyone ...


My current total-block list:

From:link       REJECT

From:website    REJECT

From:berlin     REJECT

From:club       REJECT

From:email      REJECT        OK

From:guru       REJECT

From:wang       REJECT

From:xyz        REJECT ACCEPT

From:photography        REJECT

From:rocks      REJECT

From:click      REJECT

From:xn--czrs0t REJECT

From:xn--hxt814e        REJECT

From:xn--flw351e        REJECT

From:xn--qcka1pmc       REJECT

From:xn--45q11c REJECT

From:xn--vermgensberatung-pwb   REJECT

From:xn--vermgensberater-ctb    REJECT

From:xn--p1acf  REJECT

From:xn--vhquv  REJECT

From:xn--xhq521b        REJECT

From:xn--1qqw23a        REJECT

From:xn--kput3i REJECT

From:xn--4gbrim REJECT

From:xn--czr694b        REJECT

From:xn--80adxhks       REJECT

From:xn--ses554g        REJECT

From:xn--czru2d REJECT

From:xn--rhqv96g        REJECT

From:xn--nqv7f  REJECT

From:xn--i1b6b1a6a2e    REJECT

From:xn--nqv7fs00ema    REJECT

From:xn--c1avg  REJECT

From:xn--d1acj3b        REJECT

From:xn--mgbab2bd       REJECT

From:xn--6frz82g        REJECT

From:xn--io0a7i REJECT

From:xn--55qx5d REJECT

From:xn--fiq64b REJECT

From:xn--3bst00m        REJECT

From:xn--6qq986b3xl     REJECT

From:xn--fiq228c5hs     REJECT

From:xn--3ds443g        REJECT

From:xn--55qw42g        REJECT

From:xn--zfr164b        REJECT

From:xn--q9jyb4c        REJECT

From:xn--ngbc5azd       REJECT

From:xn--80asehdb       REJECT

From:xn--80aswg REJECT

From:xn--unup4y REJECT

From:ninja      REJECT

From:gripe      REJECT

From:loans      REJECT

From:luxury     REJECT

From:market     REJECT

From:marketing  REJECT

From:pink       REJECT

From:whoswho    REJECT

From:work       REJECT

From:cricket    REJECT

From:xn--plai   REJECT

From:review     REJECT

From:country    REJECT

From:kim        REJECT

From:science    REJECT

From:party      REJECT

From:gq         REJECT

From:top        REJECT

From:uno        REJECT

From:win        REJECT

From:download   REJECT

From:tk REJECT

From:pw         REJECT

From:international      REJECT        OK

From:date       REJECT

From:gdn        REJECT

From:pro        REJECT OK OK

From:bid        REJECT

From:trade      REJECT

From:press      REJECT

From:faith      REJECT

From:racing     REJECT

From:stream     REJECT

From:diet       REJECT

From:tokyo      REJECT

From:accountant REJECT

From:webcam     REJECT

From:help       REJECT

From:space      REJECT

From:men        REJECT




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