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From Olivier Coutu <>
Subject Re: Catching well directed spear phishing messages
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2016 18:24:14 GMT
No, I have not used it, although it is a good idea. Could probably be 
used for comparing From:names too, running after each new version of 
"Pay-pal, paupal, etc." is a pain. If I make any progress on that I will 
keep the list posted.

My plugin is written in Perl with a home-made implementation of 
Levenshtein's algorithm, but Paul Stead's version is probably simpler 
and more appropriate for general use.

Olivier Coutu

On 2016-09-15 10:22, Chip M. wrote:
> Have you used that technique to generate tokens for regular
> Phish prevention (e.g. all the myriad variations on Paypal)?

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