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From Lindsay Haisley <>
Subject Style Gibberish spammers are one step ahead of me !!!!
Date Sat, 17 Sep 2016 22:53:33 GMT
No sooner did I complete a small python filter to divert untrapped
style gibberish spams than I started getting these without the <style>
tag, sending me back to the drawing board to divert these.  The new
format looks more like this:

[Several (usually 3 or 4) <center>'ed images]


cide \Ω∆çå…≥•¢π®å®√‰¶£€“∆∑–$˚µå£π–∆…© 
£¡ç““γ∆≈α∞ß∞≤™∑¶∫≤¡‰γ≤¶«“ reproduced \Ω∆çå…≥•¢π®å®√‰¶£€“∆∑–$˚µå£π–∆…© 
£¡ç““γ∆≈α∞ß∞≤™∑¶∫≤¡‰γ≤¶«“ oleo \Ω∆çå…≥•¢π®å®√‰¶£€“∆∑–$˚µå£π–∆…© 
£¡ç““γ∆≈α∞ß∞≤™∑¶∫≤¡‰γ≤¶«“ VRIENDELIJKE  \Ω∆çå…≥•¢π®å®√‰¶£€“∆∑–$˚µå£π–∆…© 
£¡ç““γ∆≈α∞ß∞≤™∑¶∫≤¡‰γ≤¶«“ burch \Ω∆çå…≥•¢π®å®√‰¶£€“∆∑–$˚µå£π–∆…© 
£¡ç““γ∆≈α∞ß∞≤™∑¶∫≤¡‰γ≤¶«“ eventdriven  \Ω∆çå…≥•¢π®å®√‰¶£€“∆∑–$˚µå£π–∆…© 
£¡ç““γ∆≈α∞ß∞≤™∑¶∫≤¡‰γ≤¶«“ kanta  \Ω∆çå…≥•¢π®å®√‰¶£€“∆∑–$˚µå£π–∆…© 
£¡ç““γ∆≈α∞ß∞≤™∑¶∫≤¡‰γ≤¶«“ affronter \Ω∆çå…≥•¢π®å®√‰¶£€“∆∑–$˚µå£π–∆…© 
£¡ç““γ∆≈α∞ß∞≤™∑¶∫≤¡‰γ≤¶«“ portalId \Ω∆çå…≥•¢π®å®√‰¶£€“∆∑–$˚µå£π–∆…© 


The only common thread so far in all of these is that the lines
containing gibberish repeat a certain number of characters in each line
before inserting a random word. I suppose as soon as I program for
this, these people will start randomizing each line.

Sheesh. A friend of mine, who used to work on spam control for AOL back
in the day, told me that controlling spam is truly a game of whack-a-
mole. How true!

Lindsay Haisley       |  "Humor will get you through times of no humor
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