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From Axb <>
Subject Re: SA From header checks
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2016 16:14:35 GMT
On 08/11/2016 06:03 PM, Mike Ray wrote:

> However, after I had sent that message, I decided to play around a
> bit. I had rearranged existing rules in the file yesterday to make
> sure that my new rules weren't somehow silently destroying file
> parsing, but I had never added a new rule that I would have expected
> work (e.g. rawbody). I added one, ran my same update procedure and
> found that my new rawbody rule was not working, but my gmail rule
> was! At this point, I started to work off of Martin's idea that I had
> screwed up the restart process. I manually started restarting
> processes and found eventually that I do not need to restart
> spamassassin, but need to restart amavis instead.
> At this point, I'm wandering outside of SA territory, but I'll ask
> anyway. Postfix talks to amavis which uses spamassassin (and clamav).
> I'd be less surprised if I had to restart both amavis and
> spamassassin, but it seems very weird that I only have to restart
> amavis for new rules to start working. Perhaps amavis internally
> restarts spamassassin? Or perhaps spamassassin is already configured
> to check for changes? Anyone have an idea about this?

Amavis uses SA libraries and doesn't need spamd/spamassassin
(see Amavis docs)

If you change any SA file you need to reload via Amavis - anything else 
will be ignored.

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