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From "Chip M." <>
Subject spample of "data" URL in well-crafted Phish
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2016 18:36:04 GMT
Freshly caught Spample:
The only munging was inserting ".EXAMPLE" between "wellsfargo"
and ".com".

Four years ago, I read this fascinating article:
and promptly added a simple word test to score these.

At the time, I had no idea whether these occurred in Ham
(seemed unlikely, but some Hammers are stunningly "thick"
(*cough, iframe, un-cough*)).

Since then, I've seen a steady, very low volume of spam hits,
with zero Ham hits (volume of about a quarter million emails
per month).
Yes, "ZERO" Ham. :)

Most of them have followed the same pattern that's in this
The MIME encoded "data" URL decodes to a classic Phish page.
Inside that, there's usually a small encoded bit of javascript,
typically starting with:
In this case, it decodes to (target URL munged/replaced):
	<form action="http://EXAMPLE.COM/wp-content/uploads/vrr.php" class="button" method="post"
name="submit" id="submit">'

I just did a raw HTTP GET on the actual final URL, and it
returned a 302 with a Location of (genuine) Wellsfargo, with a
parameter starting with:
followed by a 36-character-long code.

I did another raw GET of that Location, and it returned a 302
with a Location of WF's plain URL (no parameters), and the
document body was a terse, semi-"offshore"-speak:
	This document you requested has moved temporarily.

It appears someone reported it to WF, who successfully did a
take down, but instead of providing a pedagogic page that
explained that the victim would have been toast, they chose just
to passively track accesses. :(

** Mitigation:
The easiest way to catch these is with a simple body word match.
Here's the exact matches I am currently using (some of them are
recent additions, listed in date of addition order):
	<img src="data:

*** Do any of you HTML gurus have additional suggestions? :)

I also recommend at least medium scoring:
which typically occurs in these, and many unrelated campaigns.

I have been thoroughly tempted to do the Klingon Coding Thing and
de-MIME these in real-time, then further decode the javascript
to get the URL... but the volume is so low, my anti-Phish system
is also nailing these, and sometimes a blaster really is a more
suitable weapon than a lightsaber. ;)
	- "Chip"

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