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From Paul Stead <>
Subject Re: SA Concepts - plugin for email semantics
Date Tue, 31 May 2016 20:23:11 GMT

On 31/05/16 20:20, Bill Cole wrote:
> It is no shock that while this implementation has Paul Stead's name on
> it, it is apparently mostly the product of the anti-spam community's
> most spectacular case of Dunning-Kruger Syndrome, who has apparently
> figured out that his personal 'brand' has negative value.

The implementation was undertaken from a personal interest - I asked the
question of what people thought of the implementation and the impact to
Bayes DB.
Thank you everyone for the feedback - I certainly didn't expect quite as

I know this isn't an attack specifically towards me but at least this
got the conversational juices flowing and more ideas hammered out?

> The craziest part of this is that we already HAVE this functionality
> outside of the SA Bayes filter. It's called SpamAssassin. Perkel's
> concept files in Stead's plugin could be robotically translated into
> sub-rules and meta-rules, run through the normal Rules QA mechanism,
> and dynamically scored. There is no reason to hide this stuff behind
> Bayes where it would be mixing a jumble of derivative meta-tokens into
> a database of case-normalized primitive tokens, amplifying an
> arbitrary subset of the information already present in the Bayes DB.

I think a bit of time in the dev talk might be needed for me before I go
ahead with a "concept" - I didn't intend to come across as selling this
as the next FUSSP or anything - and I agreed with the initial responses
of the list, hence not carrying on the conversation further.

Paul Stead
Systems Engineer
Zen Internet

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