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From "Kevin Golding" <>
Subject def_whitelist_auth inconsistencies
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2016 11:56:03 GMT
I can't figure this one out so I'll throw it out.

When receiving mail from the address

def_whitelist_auth  *@* # is not whitelisted
whitelist_from_dkim *@* # is whitelisted

Now I thought this a bit odd since the docs say:

Using whitelist_auth is roughly equivalent to specifying duplicate  
whitelist_from_spf, whitelist_from_dk, and whitelist_from_dkim lines for  
each of the addresses specified.

But it is only "roughly equivalent" so perhaps it doesn't like the  
wildcard subdomain syntax.

And then I saw be whitelisted by:

def_whitelist_auth  *@*

So presumably whitelist_auth will accept a wildcard subdomain, but not for  
the domain...

I've been running all kinds of variations through and I can't really see  
why one is whitelisted and the other isn't. There's no obvious difference  
(to me) between these addresses, DKIM signatures, or whitelisting rules,  
yet still they behave differently.

Can anyone spot my mistake?

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