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From Yves Goergen <>
Subject clamav-unofficial-sigs not helping in a spam flood
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2016 17:50:42 GMT

I'm getting more and more spam every day and SpamAssassin can't handle 
it. Most of it looks very similar but it isn't filtered out.

I've set up clamav-unofficial-sigs recently by installing the Ubuntu 
package. My MTA is configured so that anything detected by clamav is 
declared a virus and rejected immediately. I also get a report of 
virus-rejected mails. But it doesn't catch a single message. Maybe one 
out of a hundred in a week.

How can I verify that the clamav-unofficial-sigs package is set up 
properly? Or is it not useful in these situations with today's spam?

What other solutions are there to improve the detection rate of 
SpamAssassin? My current spam-to-useful ratio in some mailboxes is 
somewhere around 10:1. That's close to the point of abandoning e-mail 
and reverting to telephone and snailmail. The rate of spam phone calls 
is a lot lower, and that's not considering the filter.

Examples of the subjects from the recent days:

    FW: Order RF#391032
    FW: Payment Receipt
    Sixt Invoice: 6502444876 from 24.03.2016
    Attached document(s)
    FW: Payment Details - [223434]
    Voicemail from 07730881627 <07730881627> 00:00:24
    FW: Order Status #022412
    FW: Payment #092161
    FW: Confirmation #388194

All of the messages have attachments, but I can't block all attachments 

Does grey-listing still work today? Is there an easy way to enable it in 
either SpamAssassin or Exim? I don't want to fiddle around with 
databases and such for days in a running system.

Yves Goergen

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