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From Alex <>
Subject More on T_SPF_PERMERROR
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2015 18:47:21 GMT

I'm seeing quite a few T_SPF_PERMERROR entries in my logs and not sure
if it's a problem, or a misunderstanding, or perhaps I've just started
to notice it more often since I started looking for it...

I'm seeing T_SPF_PERMERROR entries in my logs for sites with valid and
working SPF records, like, but when I test the domains
manually, they're okay.

Among the reasons I can think of that would cause this are that
they're currently updating their SPF record, of course. I also suppose
a problem with DNS on my side or theirs could be an issue (but

I was wondering if there were any other conditions under which I would
have a T_SPF_PERMERROR in my logs but querying just a few hours later
produces no error?

What is the reason the rule is T_?

I was also very surprised to see just how many domains had broken SPF
records. walmart, cintas, sodexo, wellsfargo, salesforce... all
currently broken.

Does anyone have a shell script of some kind that takes a domain as an
argument to determine whether their SPF record is operating normally?
I can definitely see a nagios plugin useful for this... Or a python or
perl script.


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