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Subject Re: SA Rule Tester/Checker
Date Fri, 17 Jul 2015 23:59:07 GMT
On 2015-07-17 16:49, Kevin A. McGrail wrote:
>> We use maildir most of the time on our servers. Is that a problem or 
>> are you referring to a mbox file on a client machine? I never ran 
>> spamassassin on a client before. Sorry, just trying to understand your 
>> test environment.
> I usually am working and researching based on submissions.  Your mail
> flow might differ but mutt supports maildir.

Yea sorry I'm totally lost. It happens. Do you test on a production 
server, other (test) server, or local mbox with Mutt as your client? By 
submissions, do you mean customer submissions of FP and FN hits 
submitted by users?

>> I looked for but I couldn't find it in any 
>> directory on my server.
> You likely need an svn checkout of trunk to get it.

Understood, that will probably get me on the right path.

> Exactly.  It's in addition to your cf files now and adds that
> regression testing layer to see if they do what you expect.  And if
> you get a new spam in the same vein, you add the string, modify the
> rule and see if it still works on your old patterns and the new, etc.

Wow, I can now obviously see how that can be useful. I will definitely 
give it a try.

>> There really isn't much out there on the subject that is clear enough 
>> for someone getting started. I'm not sure I'm Wiki material, but I may 
>> try to put together a few basic howto's that interested folks can be 
>> pointed to on occasions like this.
> Anything is better than a vacuum!
> All about combatting spam!


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