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From John Hardin <>
Subject Re: Scroring and SPF questions
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2015 16:58:12 GMT
On Mon, 13 Apr 2015, wrote:

> On Mon, 13 Apr 2015, John Hardin wrote:
>>  On Mon, 13 Apr 2015, Shane Williams wrote:
>> >   Somewhat related questions:
>> > 
>> >   1. If I alter a rule's score to 0 locally, my understanding is that
>> >   the rule won't even be tested for.  Does that also mean it won't count
>> >   toward meta-rules?
>>  That depends on how it's used in the meta rule. If it's used as an
>>  exclusion, setting it to always false won't suppress the meta.
>>  Also: setting the score of a meta to zero won't suppress evaluation of its
>>  component rules.
> The specific case I'm wondering about is as part of an arithmetic
> expression, like (__RULE1__ + __RULE2__ + RULE3__) > 2.
> If I set __RULE2__ to a score of 0, is it now impossible for the meta
> rule to trigger (since it can never get more than two "points")?

Strictly speaking, no, because __RULE1__ and __RULE3__ *may* be "tflags 
multiple" rules whose individual contributions (hit count) may be > 1.

However, in the simpler case where they are not "tflags multiple" rules, 
that is correct.

>> >   2. Is there a way to create a local rule that uses the DKIM/SPF
>> >   information such that I could match to other headers.  In particular,
>> >   I'm looking to either prevent (or at least counteract) the
>> >   "HEADER_FROM_DIFFERENT_DOMAINS" rule when a mailing list is
>> >   involved.  So what I'm looking for is a way to test SPF/DKIM against
>> >   the mailing list origination point rather than the sender's.  Or
>> >   perhaps I'm missing some smarter way to deal with these situations.
>>  Simple subrules combined in a neta having a negative score. There are
>>  already subrules for detecting mailing list headers and for detecting an
>>  invalid DKIM signature. Write a meta that combines those, and give it
>>  enough negative points to offset the positive score.
>>  Note, however, that mailing list headers are easy for spammers to forge.
> What I was getting at (but perhaps not describing well) was finding a
> way to compare the mailing list domain with DKIM or SPF in order to
> ensure that the mailing list at least arrives from the source we would
> expect.  It doesn't exactly detect mailing list header forgery, but
> could take away a few points for the ones that can be verified.  That
> said, there me be some reason this totally won't work, so feel free to
> tell me so.

Ah, ok. That I missed, or stopped reading too soon. :)

Comparing the domain in two different headers would involve a Header ALL 
rule similar to TO_EQ_FM and the like. Those rules might give you a 
starting point.

It might be interesting to verify the domain in a list-id header against 
some other domain in the headers... (envelope from, perhaps?)

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