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From Reindl Harald <>
Subject Re: sa-update cron failure
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2015 23:38:25 GMT

Am 06.02.2015 um 00:06 schrieb Bob Proulx:
> Reindl Harald wrote:
>> complete nonsense
>> you can not move anything below /usr/ in the rootfs and if it only because
>> /usr/local and only move the contents of /usr/bin/ around breaks most setups
>> and shebangs - get rid of /bin and /sbin while place symlinks below / don't
>> inavlidate any existing reference
> Complete nonsense.
> There are only a very few commands that must exist in /usr/bin such as
> /usr/bin/env which must be accessible there.  Almost no other program
> is required to be reached by the /usr/bin path.  Any program that hard
> codes in the full path was never portable before.  I can't tell you
> how many times I ran into porting issues because different systems had
> different binaries in /bin versus /usr/bin and yet someone hard coded
> the full path.  Relying upon those locations was always wrong.

well, and now that /bin is a symlink to /usr/bin and the same for /sbin 
to /usr/sbin voila all that hardcoded paths will work from one moment to 
the next

> Moving programs out of /usr/bin into /bin would not break any portable
> program

you did not get the point
there is also /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/sbin and so on

where do you move them in case of a migration?

/local/bin and /local/sbin is far away from any FHS
anything refer /usr/local would break unconditionally

with /bin symlinks to /usr/bin you just need to mobe anything in /bin to 
/usr/bin and replace dir directory with a symlink, any other path will 
work uninterrupted as before

dracut had a option to do that at boot and i maintain a lot of systems 
which applied the UsrMove years ofter setup due a dist-upgrade - the 
direction you have in your mind would not have been possiblk that way

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