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From Benny Pedersen>
Subject Re: SPF rules do not look at spoofed From: address
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2015 20:15:05 GMT
On 12. feb. 2015 20.17.44 Dave Warren <> wrote:

> However, using a DMARC "quarantine" or "reject" policy causes breakage
> when users attempt to participate in discussion based mailing lists, or
> other systems which modify messages (adding subject tags, adding
> footers, removing existing signatures), so DMARC quarantine or reject
> policies are only really useful for domains which send mail in
> predictable and largely automated ways, which are frequently forged,
> with live users living at another domain for their own mailboxes.

if the maillist preserve dkim signed mails, then dmarc will pass, but yes 
sadly there is maillists that breaks dkim, this is not a design fault, but 
only a admin miss understanding that its not maillist server admins faults, 
but it is

spf is transperent to maillist, and since dkim have no ip at all it will be 
aswell if not breaked

mailman have support for take over ownerships of users dkim signed mails, 
but it will create more problems then it solves, since not many mua clients 
then know how to reply to maillist or to the origin sender to make a 
private mail

thanks to this maillist here its not a problem here, i get dmarc pass, super

note dmarc can break on spf if maillist is not spf protected, but the 
origin sender was

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