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From Bob Proulx <>
Subject Re: Argument "perl_version" isn't numeric
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2014 21:25:23 GMT
John Hardin wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> >But, but, but...  It also failed lint and produced cron noise on my
> >perl 5.20.1 system too.  Running spamassassin 3.4.0.  That is later
> >than perl 5.18 and it definitely produced the warning message.
> That's two separate issues. The perl RE lint *error* was due to use of the
> \w++ construct from 5.10+ on a 5.8.8 install. That's perl version dependent.

Ah...  I never saw that error.  So I didn't come online until the
perl_version noise through cron every hour due to sa-learn runs and
once a day due to sa-update runs.

> The addition of a perl_version conditional to protect that rule without also
> having a check for the SA version to ensure it supported perl_version is
> what generated the SA parse *warning*. That's SA version dependent.

Since it is recommended to run sa-update by cron (as you now know :-) )
it generates email noise.  Additionally many of us set
"bayes_auto_expire 0" so that we never pause to expire during an SA
run but then run sa-learn --force-expire by cron often.  I run it
hourly.  It is mostly those runs that caused hourly emails.  And I
have seven systems emailing me those messages.  But as an email admin
I really don't mind getting a lot of email and can handle that quite
easily. :-)

> Adding a check for SA version to that conditional suppressed the SA parse
> warning, *except* on perl < 5.10, apparently due to a change in perl's
> expression shortcut semantics (but this is not proven). That's perl version
> dependent.

That one I knew about.

Thanks for the clarification on the issues.  I had missed that first part.


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