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From Jason Haar <>
Subject Re:
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2014 20:17:30 GMT
On 17/09/14 06:13, Axb wrote:
> MBL has a history of borked ClamAV signatures exploding .cf files
> The idea of creating HUGE static files for URIs is reminds be of the
> times when Bill Stearns and Chris Santerre did something like it named
> , before the SpamcopURI plugin and SURBL showed  up... when
> was that? 2002? 2003?
The problem they face is that SURBL checks only work on domains - not
the "deep" URLs that contain malware/etc. So they are left with SA
regex. But you are correct - I gave it a test run and it totally nails spamd

It's still a good concept. Perhaps what we need is a URL RBL - maybe
lowercase-and-base64 dodgy URLs and then make a RBL that points to them?


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