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From Bowie Bailey <>
Subject Re: New at SpamAssassin - how to not get headers
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2014 21:05:41 GMT
On 8/4/2014 4:45 PM, RobertGrimes wrote:
> I would prefer to stay out of the DNS server business if possible, but I
> will study that as an option. I use google which obviously is a
> highly used one.

Yes, if you use Google's DNS, all of the rate-limiting blacklists will 
refuse you.

> A) is there a way to have SA use some other DNS only

I'm not entirely sure.  However, a caching DNS needs no maintenance, so 
once you set it up, you don't need to worry about it anymore. And once 
you set it up for SA, the whole machine can use it without any extra 

Also, a local DNS will most likely be faster than the remote DNS anyway.

> B) is there a better DNS to use in general if A is not possible.

No.  Any public DNS will have the same problem.  To avoid it, you need 
to set up your own.  The only one I am familiar with is Bind 
(  The download links are a bit hard 
to find...  Once you get there, download the current stable version for 
windows 32-bit or 64-bit, whichever you need.  It may run as a caching 
server out of the box, I'm not entirely sure.  I haven't used it on 
Windows before.  The install process may help you set it up depending on 
how they have packaged it.  Worst case, you may need to change one or 
two lines in the config file.

> Thanks for all the help. At least I am getting a better plan and whole lot
> more understanding!

No problem.  Good luck!


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