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From Martin Gregorie <>
Subject Re: Certain types of spam seem to get through SA
Date Sat, 30 Aug 2014 06:47:54 GMT
On Fri, 2014-08-29 at 16:55 -0600, LuKreme wrote:
> On 28 Aug 2014, at 17:38 , Martin Gregorie <> wrote:
> >
> > 
> > This file is a compressed source archive that includes documentation for
> > the tool and the definition file format.
> Any reason not to include your dataset?
Yes: its almost certainly specific to my mail stream, which seems to
differ quite a lot in content to what others receive: I deduce this from
the samples that other list members post from time to time, which shows
that they get types of spam that I never see. In addition its a personal
stream and as such will be very different from both other personal
streams and from the mix seen by those of list members who are looking
after corporate mail systems.

In addition, my portmanteau rules (the ones containing the lists of
alternates) are generally intended to work with metas which are part of
my collection. I've never attempted to separate them out from
other metas which don't depend on portmanteau rules and suspect that it
would be quite a difficult task as many of the metas are layered.


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