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From David B Funk <>
Subject Re: Can't keep up with spam from SolarVPS sites
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2014 07:31:32 GMT
On Fri, 6 Jun 2014, lucas k wrote:

> I'm having the exact opposite problem. I've created several new addresses 
> that i'm hoping to get clogged up with spam so that I can have a fluid target 
> to write rules against, but so far... nothing.
> craig@dioxidized, where i posted a bunch of ads on craigslist with the 
> address exposed has not gotten anyhting in 48 hours.
> red@dioxidized, where teh same thing was done on reddit, nothing.
> posted a few addresses in pastebin in hopes that bots might find them
> So, does anyone have any idea how to get a freshly made email address to get 
> clogged with spam in the shortest amount of time?
> Many thanks!
> Oh, and just joining the list, glad to see that there's a community here!
> Lucas

Put some hidden 'mailto:' links on pages on a web-site that is regularly
crawled (IE 'mailto:'s that have no label so human visitors won't see them).

If you have control over the mailserver for a small business set up a
'luser_relay' to collect messages to invalid recipients. This does require
some baby-sitting as it will get traffic that is the results of a real human
fat-fingering a legit recipient.

The absolute best method that I've found is to respond to the "unsubscribe"
links in spam but fill in your spam-trap address to be "unsubscribed".
Sometimes that method will get results within a few hours, some of my
spam-trap addresses are still getting traffic 10 -years- after being

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