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From "Kevin A. McGrail" <>
Subject Re: SPAM from a registrar
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2014 18:09:29 GMT
On 6/9/2014 1:23 PM, Patrick Domack wrote:
> I have been tracking this for about 2 weeks now myself.
> Comparing my list of new domains, shows that DOB seems to pick them up 
> after they are 2 days old.
> I also tried to compair my list to, but 
> none of my domains in the 0-5days old would get a match for com/net 
> domains. I do get some hits for info and us though. But it's normally 
> com and a few us that are on my lists.
> I am currently doing a whois lookups for about 30 tld's, and tracking 
> their time and registar. I do minimize the lookups.
> I am currently seeing, about 2 .asia, 2 .uk, and then around 100 .com 
> (all the .com are ENOM) sending email to me, with an age <1day old. 
> This is pretty consistant day to day.
I wonder how we can use DNS, an RBL and distributed lookups to get the 
age of domains AND share the information so it's centrally available...


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