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From Amish <>
Subject Re: spamd weird logging to /var/log/messages
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2014 06:17:12 GMT

Ok found a solution.

This was due to recent changes in Fedora service file.

It removed -d (daemonize) option from SPAMDOPTIONS

Spamassassin without -d option enables stderr logging.
(in addition to syslog logging)

This logs were redirected to syslog by systemctl.

Adding -d option (i.e. reverting the change) fixes the problem.


Original message:
From: Amish <>


I have recently upgraded to SpamAssassin v 3.4.0. (on Fedora 16 64bit)

Everything works fine but after upgrade I have started to see double logging.

1) normal logging to /var/log/maillog in proper format
2) same lines repeated in /var/log/messages BUT in weird fashion

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