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From Martin Gregorie <>
Subject Re: Proposing a new rule ("Lic. " sender plus .info domain)
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2014 13:34:21 GMT
On Wed, 2014-01-08 at 10:45 +0300, Christopher Culver wrote:
> For the last year or so, I’ve been deluged with Spanish-language spam
> with a very predictable format: the sender name begins with "Lic. " and
> the sender address is at an .info domain. 
> Lic. Mayra Miranda 
> Lic. Toledano      
> Lic. Carmen Quintanar
> Lic. Lizárraga Mena
> Lic. Lizárraga Mena
> Lic. Mildreth Palma
> While some of the .info domains are reused from spam message to spam
> message, allowing me to blacklist them, occasionally new domains
> appear. Even with feeding thousands of these into the Bayesian database,
> they still get only a spamassassin score of 3.0 out of 5.0 on my
> system. Therefore, I believe a new rule is called for.
> Is this type of spam common enough that a new rule can be pushed out to
> all spamassassin users with sa-update raising the score on messages with
> Spanish-language text, with sender names beginning with the substring
> "Lic. " and coming from an .info domain?
I for one have never seen this type of spam, but that doesn't mean much:
a lot of sites get types of spam I never see and vice versa. However,
that's why SA lets you write local rules. In this case something like:

SPAMES describe Spanish info spam
SPAMES header   From =~ /Lic\..*\.info/
SPAMES score    5

should kill any mail from anybody using Lic as a title and posting from
the .info domain. 

Disclaimer: The regex has been tested with "grep -P" but I haven't
tested the rule in SA, so it must be syntax checked and tested against
both spam and ham before putting it live.
I prefer to use meta-rules that match two or more body text phrases to
detect spam, e.g. a rule that matches one or more sales come-ons and one
or more product names or types, e.g. "lowest price for new" and
"Comfi-sleep pillow". My suggested rule will catch anybody using Lic as
a title and posting from .info domains, so you'd better be *very* sure
that you never get legitimate mail from anybody like this before using
it as shown. It would be better to use it as one of the subrules in a
meta-rule that won't fire unless it also matches some combination of
Spanish body text phrases that do not appear in your ham stream.


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