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From Sergio Durigan Junior <>
Subject Re: Positive / Negative
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2013 03:30:26 GMT
On Monday, November 11 2013, Karsten Br├Ąckelmann wrote:

> 'sa-learn --dump magic' still shows less than 200 nham / nspam, right?

Yes, it does.

> Until that issue is resolved, please keep the spam for potential further
> post-receiving tests.

Will certainly do.

> Not strictly SA configuration, but you probably want to change the
> following Debian defaults in /etc/default/spamassassin
>   CRON=0
> and enable the spamd daemon system-wide, as well as sa-update.
> If you didn't yet run sa-update, do so now. Restart spamd afterward.
> FWIW, this counts as "modifying SA config", since it updates the stock
> rule-set.

Oh, I did that, yeah.  I meant to say that I did not touch in any file
under /etc/spamassassin.  So my /etc/spamassassin/, for example,
is exactly what is shipped with Debian.



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