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From Alex <>
Subject Re: KAM pccc URIBL questions
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2013 23:38:38 GMT

>> How about just I've uploaded the headers from one FP here:
> How would another RBL handle a company that I have personally received
> evidence of spamming even if it causes FPs?

Apparently none of the other RBLs consider it spam.

I've asked the list a few times before about similar companies, such
as, which are also mass e-marketers, and I doubt
very much whether all recipients have signed up for their
"newsletters" or "webinars".

There wasn't really any consensus on the list for this sender either.
I've left them off my blacklist for now, despite seeing messages
pertaining to "hair care" and gutter cleaning from their customers.
They're also not on any public blocklists.

>> Somehow I forgot this was your RBL. How many entries are on it?
> Approximately 1700 for the past 30 days.

How many of those are now on the dbl or zen?

> I agree it has collateral damage.  You can explain to them that the emails
> can be found marked as spam because the company running the events are
> spammers is my main response.  And searching more about just makes
> me question their practices and others (such as
> have confirmed
> what I have seen which is harvesting of Whois data and spamming it.

Yeah, I saw that too. Their response to me would be to figure out a
way to only let their legitimate stuff through. I could probably also
make some noise to get a contact there through my customer, but it
would probably only lead to lip service. I'd never be able to get them
to switch providers, and as we've seen with verticalresponse, the
alternatives have issues too.

>> With a poison pill attitude towards them, wouldn't it just be better
>> to reject them outright?
> I don't use any RBLs for rejection, only for scoring.

I just figured that since it's immediately being dropped, perhaps
sending them a bounce would help to control the number you receive
from them, if not just firewall their block outright.

> The RBL is built out of a manually-reviewed corpora of complaints that I
> cull together from users.  The scores reflect that it's seen and approved as
> being consistent with a spammer.  And isn't a FP because I've
> personally review the corpora entry and it's not only scraped, they also

That's because you don't do business with them, so anything received
is unsolicited. In my case, corporate communications are actually
being blocked.

I'm going to keep a closer eye on them, and manually inspect more of
their mail to figure out what to do next.


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