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From Jonas Akrouh Larsen <>
Subject RE: Shared bayes SQL between machines
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2013 11:07:16 GMT
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> From: Dave Warren []
> Sent: 23. oktober 2013 09:51
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> Subject: Re: Shared bayes SQL between machines
> On 2013-10-22 07:52, Jonas Akrouh Larsen wrote:
> > Mmm well I'd like to use it, but it's also the manual learning.
> >
> > We use a web frontend which lists quarantined messages and both users
> > and myself do manual training from there (it just calls sa-learn)
> How do you distribute load among your SpamAssassin servers? Is it relatively
> balanced, or do different groups of users hit different servers?
> If it's balanced, consider just autolearning on the master and forget about
> autolearning on the rest. Sure, you'll get a little less data in overall, but you'll
> still get a representative flow of both spam and ham, and you can still
> perform manual training against the master database from other servers.
It's pretty balanced, so actually it's a pretty good idea.

If I combine john's advice with specifying the master in sa-learn's config, and then only
autolearn on 1 node everything should work I think.

With 1 master taking all the writes and nodes using their local read only copy of the DB for
improved performance, it should work.

And it's a lot simpler than all sorts of failover mechanisms, master-master replication and

Thanks list :)

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards
Jonas Akrouh Larsen
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