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From "Amir 'CG' Caspi" <>
Subject Re: LONGWORDS not hitting?
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2013 20:10:36 GMT
At 12:42 PM -0600 06/30/2013, Amir 'CG' Caspi wrote:
>Hi all,
>	Just got this spam:
>To me, it looks like LONGWORDS should have hit... but it didn't.  I 
>ran it manually through spamassassin and spamc, and LONGWORDS still 
>didn't hit, so it seems to just not be hitting that rule.  But, to 
>my eye, it looks like it should.  Any idea why it failed, and should 
>LONGWORDS be updated?

OK, more info and potentially new problem.  I re-tested one of the 
spams I posted yesterday:

When running this example through SA (either SA standalone, or 
spamc/spamd) now, LONGWORDS hits, as follows:

Aug 10 15:47:20.115 [21805] dbg: rules: ran body rule __LONGWORDS_C 
======> got hit: "authenticate dearth deplorers hogmane 
fraudulentness going pillowcases believing vagotomy mastoidectomies "
Aug 10 15:46:20.613 [21757] dbg: rules: ran body rule __LONGWORDS_B ======> got
hit: "family husbandry allowed walloper little length voluntaries 
weothao sternw
ard "

... BUT... this pastebin example is the copy/paste of "view raw 
source" from my MUA.  If I run SA on the original server-side email 
(i.e. the email as stored in my IMAP mailbox), LONGWORDS does _NOT_ 
hit.  That is, neither _C nor _B hit on the server-side version, 
despite hitting on the MUA version.

For your perusal, I've copied the output of SA when running on the 
server-side version, i.e. with all MIME content fully intact... see 

What the heck is going on?  Why would LONGWORDS hit on the MUA 
version but not the server-side?  Since LONGWORDS is a rawbody rule, 
not based on headers, it seems like it should pop on both versions. 
I'm guessing that there's something about the MIME content that's 
making LONGWORDS fail to hit on the server-side (MBX) email, but 
allows it to hit on the MUA ("view raw source") email... but I just 
don't understand why that would be.

I've had LONGWORDS hit at the server-side (pre-MUA) level, though not 
very often (only 4 out of 465 messages currently in my spam box), so 
it _is_ running... but for whatever reason, LONGWORDS hits much more 
often (i.e. as it should) with the MUA "raw source" versions than it 
does with server-side (MBOX/MBX) versions, so this is not an isolated 

So WTF is going on?  Does anyone have ideas?  To my eyeballs, the 
exact same text is contained in both versions and therefore should 
hit LONGWORDS in either version, but only one version pops.

I'm happy to paste more debug output if it might help someone debug the rule.

Thanks in advance.

						--- Amir

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