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From "Amir 'CG' Caspi" <>
Subject Re: SPF lookup error
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2013 17:30:30 GMT
On Tue, June 25, 2013 5:15 am, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
> This looks lik Net::DNS ssue, try upgrading that one.
> Also, try upgrading perl...

Why do you say this looks like a Net::DNS issue?  The error is being
reported from Mail::SPF, and I've traced that error through the code, it
tracks to Mail::SPF::v1::Record ... there appears to be a problem with
Mail::SPF::v1::Record inheriting new_from_string() from Mail::SPF::Record,
no idea why (everything looks OK to my naive eye but I'm not an expert in
perl modules, even though I have lots of experience with regular, more
basic perl).  I don't see how Net::DNS even comes into play, but please do
let me know why you think it's a Net::DNS error.

FYI, I'm running the latest version of Net::DNS that is available as an
RPM for CentOS, which is 0.71-1 from RepoForge (extras).  0.72 is
available from CPAN but does not appear to be available pre-packaged for
CentOS, so I can't install it (I run a virtual-host system and my perl
modules need to be RPMs so they can be distributed to the virtual hosts).

As for upgrading perl, I am currently running 5.8.8-38 from the CentOS 5.8
distribution.  5.8.8-40 is available with CentOS 5.9, to which I have not
yet upgraded, but it's the same basic version (I don't know what patches
would have been backported into the -40 release).  CentOS 6 uses Perl
5.10.1 but, again, I'm not running that OS, and perl 5.10.1 isn't
available pre-packaged for CentOS 5.

So, at this time, upgrading either Net::DNS or perl is not an option. 
But, I'm not convinced that upgrading either one will resolve this issue,
either.  Can you point to a changelog, bug report, or some other document
that shows this issue can be tied to Net::DNS 0.71 and/or perl 5.8.8, that
is resolved with Net::DNS 0.72 and/or perl 5.10.1?


						--- Amir

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