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From Mike Brown <>
Subject Re: sa-update: MIRRORED.BY is 404 for any channel
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2013 04:12:43 GMT
Martin wrote:
> Do you have a MIRRORED.BY file in you spamassassin update directory? It 
> looks like it doesn't have the file with the mirrors in and instead is using 
> the file name.
> If so you could copy it over from your other box that's working.

Thanks; your suggestion worked.

The way MIRRORED.BY files get used and updated(?) is a complete mystery to me. 

There was nothing in the old file that was wrong, syntax-wise. It was the same 
as the current, working one, but with the last line (the secnap mirror) 
commented out by me after seeing something about that site having problems a 
while back. How this difference results in the 404s I was seeing is not at all 

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