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From Matus UHLAR - fantomas <>
Subject Re: increase in spams getting though
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 11:30:24 GMT
On 31.05.13 03:52, tony wrote:
>I've been running spamassassin for about 4 years on a centos 5 server,
>currently running spamassassin-3.3.1-2.el5. I've always been impressed and
>very pleased with the way SA works and I regularly run sa-update and I
>update the bayes databases. I use plugins too - raor, pyzor, dkim etc but
>over the last couple of months I've seen SA's effectiveness wane, with more
>spam emails slipping though into my inbox.

What about SPF, DCC plugins? Also, do you use BAYES?
Do you have RBLs allowed? Haven't they blocked you due to excessive queries?
(how many mail do your servers process daily?)

>There are two scenarios here, either my system is not working as it should,
>or spammers have found a new clever way to beat the filters and SA is yet to
>cactch up. So my first thought in posting here is, has anyone else
>experienced an increase in penetration by spammers in the last couple of

I could say so, but that's apparently mostly due to

Yes, spammers try to avoid those techniques. Do you update your rules on
regular basis?

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