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From Benny Pedersen>
Subject RE: PreRBL with spamassasdon
Date Sat, 27 Apr 2013 01:28:47 GMT
Blason rock skrev den 2013-04-25 21:40:
> Yeah that was good source of information. Or rather let me rephrase
> the question, if anyone has tried prerbl with  zimbra?

asking on a diff maillist ?

if you need advice to spamassassin fell free to ask here, if you need 
help with postfix, or zimbra ask on there maillists :)

> I m sure there are usrers who might have implemented prerbl with 
> postfix in zimbra,
> are there any?

if you end doing ip test in mta stage, then you can disable dnseval 
pluging in spamassassin, free up resources to be used in more memory to 
other wasting things :)

senders that put my email into body content will deliver it to my own 
trashcan, so if you like to get reply, dont do it

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