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From "Andrew Talbot" <>
Subject More longer rules or fewer shorter ones?
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2013 16:32:05 GMT

Hey, all -


I have my customized deployment split up into a bunch of separate CF files
(by category) and I have those further split up into rules based on score.


So, I have a bunch of stuff like:

header RULE_1 Subject =~ /\b(this|that|theother|blah|blah)/i

score RULE_1 1

describe RULE_1 Rule 1


header RULE_2 Subject =~ /\b(foo|bar|etc)/i

score RULE_2 2

describe RULE_2 Rule 2


They are WAY longer than that (and some of them include further nesting of
the pipe), but that's the general idea.


My question is: is it better performance-wise to have the rules set up like
this, or to have each separate thing have its own separate rule?

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