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From Alexandre Boyer <>
Subject Re: Rule to check To and/or CC headers
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 19:48:22 GMT

Didn't catch that.

Not a bad idea but cannot be a decision making thing. And need a plugin.

I thought about that already but didn't had time to code this. And I
don't remember who on this list brang objections that it would not be
such a good idea.

Plus: SA do not have access to SMTP infos. That a pitty, but you can't
have the real thing, you rely on headers.

Alex, from prypiat.
Yes, I recycle.

On 13-03-01 02:38 PM, Dave Warren wrote:
> On 3/1/2013 11:26, Alexandre Boyer wrote:
>> There is no silly question. Just noobs. FYI: most of the time, I'm a
>> noob.
>> I do not understand your question: To or Cc headers are recipients. Do
>> you want to compare the name portion to the address portion?
>> eg: To: "Alex Boyer" <>
>> If Alex matches the local part in the address, then it's OK? else
>> it's not?
>> This would be a bad idea.
>> Whatever... the important thing is : if you want to compare with SA, you
>> have to write a plugin. There is no way one can compare, say, a
>> signature in the body and the ToCc headers without a module.
>> Or if there is a way, I am willing to learn it!
> I suspect he wants to check to see if the RCPT TO (the actual
> recipient) is named in the TO or CC headers, and score based on this
> decision.

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